Fuck it.

It’s happened before.

And I can handle it.

But why should I?

And why should she?

It’s difficult to not be like them.

It’s difficult not to follow .

When you do that again and again.

I don’t wanna be a man hater.

I don’t wanna lose faith.

But come on.

For fucks sake.

It’s a kind of betrayal if you think about it.

It’s a kind of tease.

You lure me in with your niceties.

And then do as you please.

Well fuck your charm.

And fuck my agenda.

I am who I am.

And I’m not backing down.

You take the high road.

Like you’re so much better.

I look like a damsel.

Well honey fuck that shit.

Cause I’m coming back stronger.

You wanna buy me a drink?

You wanna hug me hello?

You wanna tell me I’m pretty?

Then expect me to be a ho?

You do realise no is a word.

And I know there’s nothing wrong with your hearing.

Cause two seconds ago you were bragging your perfection.

But what’s done is done.

And there is no going back.

But I’ll tell you one thing.

I will get you back.

Cause I’m a strong woman.

And I don’t hate men.

But you’re not a man.

You just haven’t realised it yet.


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