You’re Haunting Me

Why are you haunting me?

Why are you doing this to me?

I was myself and you said you loved me

But that’s not true

At least not unconditionally

You took her words and made them your own

And although you may not yet see

Another woman will come along

And realisation will be strong

What gets me the most

Is you won’t let me move on

I’m ready

But your words to others are strong

You’re haunting me

Our mutual friends have stayed

But I now know that you’ve caved

You’ve taken our secrets

And spread them along

Making damn sure

Nobody gets in

It hurts that you would be so immature

Even though when you shut the door

I was calm

And wished you well

I assumed that you would do the same

But whilst you have some growing up to do

I have some naiveté to get through

What you can’t understand

Is although I may look the strong woman

I’m terrified everyday i go out

But I force myself to seek out help

Let me be

As others have done

And so what if I kiss your friend

Because in the end

When all is said and done

You left me

For being me

But not as usually strong

Love is not a game

Its hard work

But you listen too much to others

To know that you fucked up too

All I want is to move on

No drama

No tears

But you’re not going to let me do that

You don’t want to be proved wrong

Well get this

After you’d gone the friend you confided in

Made his move and strong

So understand that those you trust

May have an ulterior motives

I wish you well

But don’t deny

You haunt me

And I’ll just sit and smile