The Protector

It happened in a flash

I didn’t expect you

I was not alone

But wished I had of been

Because then I could’ve felt free

The one

I did not believe

Surely its lust

Surely this can’t be real

Surely this is not how I feel

I felt like a bad person

I was not single

I tried to stay away

But there you were

Every night

It’s just a hug I’d say

He protects me

He cares

But he’s just a friend

Then the question

I asked you

Are we just friends?


I walked away

But wanted to stay

I wanted you so much

But I’d always had such bad luck

Like a thunderbolt that never went away

I dreamed of you

You should have seen my face

When you would message me

When I saw you

It’s described like a shining beaming light of pure joy

No one could compete

And yes when it ended with the other

I did not fall straight into your arms

But I did not know enough

I have to protect myself

Protect my heart

For I knew that if you broke it

I’d never ever recover

For now I know

That I will never let go of your hand

You may be concerned

When you think of my past

But please know

You’re the first true love I’ve had

And when I look at you I see a future

There’s no best before with you

This is it

So get on with it

Cause it’s going to be a very long ride